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Q: How do I purchase a VIP package?
A: From our home page, please find your artist and click “package details”. Each show date will have a “buy” link, which will take you directly to the ticketing page for that show date. From there, you can navigate the ticketing page to find and purchase the type of VIP Package you are interested in.
Q: What if I change my mind and don’t want my package?
A: All packages are non-refundable. Please refer to the Purchase Policy for complete details.
Q: My package includes VIP activities at the show. When will I receive the details?
A: Details about day of show VIP activities such as meet & greets, soundcheck, and pre-show parties will be sent via email within 3-5 days prior to show date. All VIP details will be sent to the email address that you provided when you purchased your VIP package. Please plan to arrive fairly early for pre-show experiences. They require VIPs to check in anywhere from 1-3 hours before doors open to the show.
**Times included on ticket pages or order confirmation emails will reflect Door or Show Times and may differ from the VIP check-in time.**

Q: I purchased a Meet & Greet package. Will it overlap with some of the opening acts?
A: While we do our best to ensure guests can see some of the opener, it is possible the meet & greet may overlap with opening acts. You will receive an informational email with program timing approximately 3 days prior to the event date with specifics. 
Q: My show is tomorrow and I haven’t received any VIP details yet. What do I do?
A: Please be sure to check the email address on file with the VIP package purchase and review your spam folder in case the message got filtered there. If you are still missing the VIP details email, please contact us at right away for assistance.    
Q: My package includes exclusive merchandise. How will I receive my package items?
A: Depending on the tour, VIP package merchandise will either be distributed at the show or shipped to you.
For merchandise distributed at the show, the VIP details email sent prior to show date will note when and where to claim your package. If you do not collect your items during the VIP check-in hours listed in the informational email, we are unable to mail the items after the show.
For shipped merchandise, a separate email will be sent with instructions on how to place an order on our website. After you place the order, you will receive a 5-digit order number and confirmation email. Please do not respond to the order confirmation email if you have questions regarding your merchandise as "” is a notification-only account. Our customer service is reachable at:
** Please note: For shipped merchandise, package Items are not required for entry into the event, and are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the date of the show. When your order ships out, you will receive an email notification that the order is on its way. Be sure to check your spam/junk inbox in case the email is filed there. All correspondence regarding merchandise will be sent to the email address you provide when you go through the ordering process.**
Q: What shirt sizes are available? Are there Men’s and Women’s sizes?
A: Shirts sizes are normally available in S - XXL. Shirts are unisex adult sized, and run true-to-size.
Q: Can I get an autograph with the artist during the meet & greet?
A: Autographs are not included as part of the program.
Q: Can I leave the venue after the pre-show meet & greet and come back later for the show?
A: Re-entry varies by venue and is subject to the venue’s policy. Please contact the venue to confirm.
Q. What is an “Upgrade” package?
A. Upgrades are VIP packages made available for fans who have already purchased tickets to a show or event and want to take part in the VIP experience. You will need to purchase a ticket to the show separately from the VIP Upgrade to enter the event as well as participate in any VIP activities. If VIP Upgrades are being offered for the tour, they are typically available for purchase online through the Future Beat website. Upgrades are available until 3 days prior to show date, in most instances. 
Q: I purchased a package as a gift, but I will not be in attendance. How can my friend and family member pick up their ticket on my behalf?
A: You can do what is called an alternate pick-up! Simply provide the new guest with a photocopy of your photo ID and a note authorizing the new guest to check in for your order. These items can be digital copies or photos on a cellphone. As long as the new guest has these items, in addition to the show ticket(s), he/she will be able to check-in for the order without you being present. Please note that the informational email regarding check-in (and any additional email correspondence from us) is sent to purchasers only, so you will need to forward any emails to the new guest.
Q: Does this package have a minimum age?
A: Most shows are open to guests of all ages. However, the age policy varies with each venue. You can typically find the age policy via the “more information” button on the ticketing page, but if it is not there, you may also refer to the venue’s website for details regarding your specific event.
Q: My child or guest is a minor. Do I need to buy a VIP package to escort them to the VIP activities?
A: Yes. Guests ages 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an adult. Accompanying adults must also purchase a VIP package in order to chaperone minors to the VIP activities. Guests between the ages of 13-15 may attend the VIP activities without an adult, but, an adult must check the guest in with the VIP host. Only one adult is required to check in all guests.
Q: Can I acquire Accessible Seating as part of a VIP program?
A: Most venues offer accessible seating areas to accommodate their guests. Availability and type of accessible seating tickets will vary based on each venue’s policies and/or the type of event taking place. If you would like to inquire about accessible seating as part of a VIP program, please reach out to the venue directly for assistance.
Q: Can I purchase a VIP Package at the Box Office?
A: No, VIP Packages will not be available for purchase at the Box Office. You must purchase online ahead of time.
Q: Can I purchase a VIP package through StubHub or another third-party vendor?
 A: No. Tickets to the show may be used, but VIP elements become void. We have no way of verifying purchases made on StubHub or other third-party vendors.  
Q: Can I re-sell my packages?
A: No. VIP packages cannot be transferred or re-sold. Packages being re-sold may be cancelled by Future Beat without notice. Tickets to the show may be re-sold (Ticketmaster resale, StubHub, etc.) at your discretion, but VIP elements will become void.
Q: Where will I receive my tickets?
 A: During the purchase process, you will have the option of choosing to have your tickets shipped or emailed to you before the show or pick them up at Will Call. If you choose to have your tickets shipped or emailed to you in advance, you will still need to check in with us at the event to ensure you get to take advantage of all the perks that come with your package! If you choose to pick up your tickets at Will Call, please be sure to stop by the venue box office to retrieve your tickets prior to meeting us at VIP Check-in. As it gets closer to the event the ticket purchaser will receive an informational email including the exact time and location for VIP check-in. Please bring valid photo identification, and stay tuned for that email!
Q: Is VIP parking included?
A: Parking is not included with this package, but parking may be available at the concert venue. Please refer to the venue’s website for more information regarding parking.
Q: The people attending the concert with me may be arriving late. How would they get their tickets, merchandise, etc.?
A: The original purchaser will check in for all package materials, and he/she will then be able to distribute accordingly. Thus, we advise for your whole party to come to VIP check-in at the same time to make it quick and easy.
Q: How do I sign up for Future Beat VIP package and artist updates?
A: At the top of each page at there is a “sign up now” box. Enter your email address and then click submit. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new tour announcements: and (@future_beat).
Q: How can I contact Future Beat?
A: You may contact customer service at: Please include as much detail as possible including full name, artist, concert date, package level, and your questions or request. You may also follow us on Facebook and Twitter: and (@future_beat).
Q: I purchased a VIP package. How do I get a press pass for the show?
A: Press passes are managed by the artist’s team and venue promoter directly. Future Beat is unable to coordinate or grant press passes. All camera policies are subject to the venue’s policy. Typically professional cameras with a detachable lens are not permitted inside the venue.
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