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  • The Three Dimensional

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  •  Three Six Mafia

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    Evolving slowly but steadily over the years, Three 6 Mafia began as an exploitative, horror-themed underground hardcore rap sensation ("666 Mafia," get it?) yet went on to enjoy relatively mainstream success years later, eventually winning an Oscar and scoring some major hits. The Memphis, TN, group's membership varied from album to album, with the one constant being the duo of Juicy J and DJ Paul...

  • Young Thug

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  • Bone Thugs-n- Harmony

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    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

  • Blues Traveler

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    The four original members of Blues Traveler, who have known each other since their early teens—John Popper, Chandler Kinchla, the late Bobby Sheehan and Brendan Hill —gathered over 25 years ago in the basement of their drummer’s parents’ Princeton, NJ, home; and the seeds were born for a band who have released a total of eleven studio albums, four of which have gone gold...

  • A Tribute To The Beatles White Album

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